LTS Student Featured in Lexington Herald-Leader

Lexington Theological Student, Nathl Moore, was featured in the Lexington Herald-Leader for his work to honor a former slave who bridged the black and white communities in the early 1800's.  Click here to read the... Read More

Dr. Jerry Sumney awarded 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Jerry Sumney was recently honored by Lipsomb University with a Distinguished Alumni Award for 2010.  Please read the article about this recognition.  Click... Read More

LTS Brochures

Lexington Theological Seminary is in the process of converting their face to face classes into online classes.  Read about the new curriculum LTS is implementing for Fall of 2010 and how to apply to this new and innovative theological program. Click here to read about the LTS online program. The LTS Online Program will allow students: Flexibility for full and part-time students Courses will be: 2/3 online; 1/3 short intensives Shorter course units, replacing 13-week... Read More