SIS Course Descriptions

SIS 570  The Three R’s of Seminary (Required within the first 8 hours; 1.0 credit)

– The Three R’s of Seminary are reading, writing, and research.  This course is required within the first 8 hours of course work.  In this course students will learn to read with a purpose, to write well  organized and grammatical papers, and to do research on line.  Students will be reading, writing, and researching topics essential to both seminary life and congregational life.  These topics are: just language, ecumenism, and biblical contextualism.  In the course students will learn how to read selectively and effectively; how to write a thesis statement; how writing skills apply to ministerial settings; how to use online databases for research; how to evaluate internet sites; as well as other skills.


SIS 571 The Two P’s of Seminary:  Prayer and Praxis (Required within the first 8 hours of M.Div. course work; 1.0 credit)

– Students can feel surprised, overwhelmed and even disillusioned by the various ways that theological education challenges them.  This course prepares students for the impact that working in a M.Div. program can have on one’s life of faith and approach to ministry so that they can flourish spiritually and practically throughout and beyond their educational program.  In other words, this course names aspects of the experience of seminary that can transform students’ individual approach to prayer and their Christian praxis within the community of faith.