We understand that it isn’t always easy to answer the call to ministry. LTS offers a unique program with the flexibility to meet the diverse needs of people who wish to pursue a theological education at various stages of life–whether recent college graduates or second-career seekers. The technological systems are in place to connect our faculty to you, where you are — physically and figuratively in your individual journeys through life and the congregations you serve. With Lexington Theological Seminary’s accredited programs available online, you can be moved to ministry, not to campus.

This model provides students with a holistic approach to pastoral development in which the intellectual, practical and spiritual are fully integrated throughout the curriculum. It is designed to provide lifelong learning and ministry opportunities for Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry students, as well as those who desire continuing education to equip them for lay service. We believe many who feel called to ministry will now find themselves empowered and equipped to answer that call. Founded in 1865, LTS is the oldest seminary of the Christian Church (DoC), now embracing the newest form of shaping church leaders.

Finding Community

M.Div. student Joey Pusateri found an unexpected bond with classmates in the online program at Lexington Theological Seminary.

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A New Approach

M.Div. students Tomeka and Peter describe the online program at Lexington Theological Seminary.

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"I'm stronger in my faith, stronger in my person, stronger as a student." Anna Hope Curwood, M.Div Student

Learning through serving

At a glance, this model:

  • Establishes the congregation as a primary center for learning
  • Provides a pastoral mentor to each student
  • Uses short-term courses of two to eights weeks rather than three-month courses.
  • Incorporates distance learning and short-term residency experiences.
  • Develops online, interactive covenant groups with students and professors.
  • Involves parish ministers in the courses and covenant groups to provide practical counsel.
  • Operates on a year-round schedule and monthly registration.
  • Offers flexibility to a variety of students, from those seeking a degree to lay leaders who want to enhance their service to the church by furthering their education. It also reaches more students who represent the textured, diverse face of today’s church and the depth of voices needed to shape the church of tomorrow.