Master in Pastoral Studies Degree

The purpose of the Master in Pastoral Studies program is to prepare Roman Catholics for lay ministry at a diocesan or parish level.  The degree is designed for Roman Catholics who do not seek ordination.  Graduates of this program will have a basic knowledge of scripture, contemporary biblical scholarship, the Christian tradition, theology, moral theology, and sacramental traditions.  They will have skills in developing and executing programs of education, administration, administration of parish life, and pastoral care and nurture of Christian communities.

Curriculum Overview                                                                                                      Credit Hours

Required 500 level Courses

Catholic Studies                                                                                                                           12

IF 585 Sacraments of Initiation (1.5 hrs.)

IF 586  Sacraments of Vocation and Healing (1.5 hrs.)

IP 580  Early “Ecclesiology” (1.5 hrs.)

IP 581  Developed Ecclesiology (1.5 hrs.)

IF 580  The Roots of Doctrinal Teachings (1.5 hrs.)

IF 581  Doctrinal Teachings (1.5 hrs.)

IB 580  Moral Theology:  Naming the Issues (1.5 hrs.)

IB 581  Moral Theology:  Making Decisions with an Informed Conscience  (1.5 hrs.)

Interpreting Scripture for the Church                                                                              7

Hebrew Bible (1.5 hrs.)

New Testament (1.5 hrs.)

IS modules (4 hrs.)

Interpreting the Past for the Church                                                                                3

IP 550 Early & Medieval Western Church: 100 – 15th Cent. (1 hr.)

IP 551 From Reform to Individualistic Freedom: 16th – 20th Cent.

Western Church (1 hr.)

IP modules (1 hr.)

Interpreting Faith for the Church                                                                                      3

IF 550  Theology & Theological Language (1 hr.)

IF 554  The Nature of God:  Theology (1 hr.)

IF modules (1 hr.)

Leading the Church in Formation                                                                                      3

LF 550 Biblical & Vocational Foundations of Teaching Ministry (.5 hr.)

LF 551 Congregation as  Context (.5 hr.)

LF 553 Stages of Faith (.5 hr.)

LF modules (1.5 hrs.)

Leading the Church Through Care                                                                                     3

LC 520 Pastoral Care Modalities (.5 hr.)

LC 550 Creating a Congregational Culture of Care:

Family Systems (1 hr.)

LC modules (1.5 hrs.)

Leading the Church Into Mission                                                                                        3

LM 520 Pastoral Leadership:  Concepts (.5 hr.)

LM modules (1.5 hrs.)

Total 500 level Courses                                                                                                            34

Electives 600 level                                                                                                                        8

LM 677   Practicum                                                                                                                        3

Research Paper                                                                                                                               3

TOTAL HOURS:                                                                                                                            48