D.Min. Course Descriptions

D.Min. 855.04 –  Ministry with Older Adults

America is turning gray with nearly 80 million “boomers” turning 65 over the next fifteen years.  This course focuses on expanding opportunities for ministry with older adults and learning more about their aspirations, issues, and aging processes.  It addresses cultural attitudes about the elderly seeking to separate out stereotypes and myths by examining psychological, sociological, physiological and spiritual issues of growing old.  A theme throughout the course is seeking how the church both witnesses to and with older adults soon to represent nearly a quarter of our population—a first in human history.  This course invites reflecting on pastoral strategies in light of this new phenomenon

D.Min. 855.05 –  Sermonic Design

During the last forty years, homiletical scholarship has given extensive attention to the question of sermonic form, especially since 1) content and form are inseparable and 2) sermon form implies a certain theological understanding concerning the nature of the Good News and of scripture, and vice versa. However, one rhetorical form does not fit all sermons. This course in sermonic design will serve as an introduction to a few of sermon forms that have been most influential over the last few decades, and will include discussions of how one chooses an appropriate form for a given sermon, how form shapes delivery, and how different forms are heard and experienced.

 ♦ NOTE: This course will be run as a synchronous online seminar, with a weekly video conference on Thursday evenings at 7:00-8:30 p.m. (ET). (If everyone in the class agrees, the time can be changed, but those registering should be prepared to meet at these times.)