Certificate Program

The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is a 21 hour program designed for non-degree seeking students.  Certificate Students complete a partial admissions application and upon acceptance participate in the courses alongside degree seeking students.  Students who take courses for the certificate in pastoral ministry take the courses either for academic credit or non academic credit.  Students who hold a bachelors degree may take the courses for academic credit by fulfilling all the work expected of degree seeking student.  The credit earned in this way may transfer into a degree program if the student chooses at a later time.  Students who take the courses for non academic credit will need to fulfill the following requirements in order to earn the certificate:

  • Read 70% of the course material
  • Participate in the online discussion through an average of at least 2 posts per week

The course requirements for the Certificate are:

  • Interpreting Scripture                                                           3.0    hours
  • Interpreting the Past                                                             1.5   hours
  • Interpreting Faith                                                                   3.0   hours
  • Interpreting Church’s Behavior                                          1.5    hours
  • Leading the Church Through Care                                     1.5    hours
  • Leading the Church Through Worship                             2.5    hours
  • Leading the Church in Formation                                      1.5  hours
  • Leading the Church Into Mission: Administration        2.5  hours
  • Leading the Church in Mission in the World                  2.5  hours
  • Electives                                                                                 1.5   hours

Please click the link below to download and print-off the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Curriculum Worksheet