1.0 Vision and Mission Statements

The experience of learning at Lexington Theological Seminary (LTS) is a rich one, incorporating academic excellence, diversity, community, and a strong culture of mentoring. We are aware of the ever-changing challenges of training leaders for a dynamic world and proactive Church. Our vision is to be a seminary that graduates faithful, inspired, and highly effective leaders for the church of Jesus Christ in a way that is distinctly Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) yet inherently ecumenical, welcoming students from all faith backgrounds to share in the experience of faith formation. In serving our vision we are committed to the values of: service to others, connecting faith to action; integrity, enriching relationships, trust and enduring community; diversity, celebrating the worth of every individual and people; and community, supporting and promoting citizenship, peace-making and social responsibility.

The Seminary’s mission is to prepare faithful leaders for the church of Jesus Christ and thus to strengthen the church’s participation in God’s mission for the world. In actualizing its mission, the Seminary seeks to develop leaders according to four core values:

LTS graduates will become leaders who bring faith to bear on society and creation from a specific location/ministry setting within a pluralistic/global context.

  • LTS graduates will become leaders who are able to articulate a critically grounded faith by having undergone a process by which they construct their theological world view in conversation with traditional Christian claims and global voices.
  • LTS graduates will become leaders who are capable interpreters of scripture traditions, culture institutions, situations, and relationships.
  • LTS graduates will become leaders who integrate subject matter, methodologies, and skills taken from the whole curriculum in the service of their ministry.